Photodynamic Therapy Editor: Thierry Patrice

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26 Apr 2003
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For centuries, light has been used to cure various diseases. However, it is only recently that a new medical field has arisen. Photodynamic therapy (PDT), also known as photochemotherapy, is a fast growing technique which was initially devoted to cancer care but which is now recognised as a promising treatment technique in a variety of clinical fields. Written by recognised experts, Photodynamic Therapy provides a comprehensive explanation of what PDT is and how it has developed as a technique in areas such as the detection of lung cancer and applications in dermatology, gynaecology and neurosurgery. This book is ideal both as an introduction to PDT and as an informative text for those wishing to expand their knowledge. Practitioners in biological sciences, biotechnology and medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry will find it an invaluable source of information.