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Food Colloids: Self-Assembly and Material Science Editors: Eric Dickinson, Martin E Leser

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This book contains 526 pages.

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15 Feb 2007
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Food structure at the molecular level and how it impacts on health, taste, texture and shelf life is becoming an increasingly important area of science. Food Colloids: Self-Assembly and Material Science describes new developments in the theory and practice of the formulation of food emulsions, dispersions, gels and foams. Particular emphasis is placed on the self-assembly of surfactants and biopolymers in food. Topics include: colloid science in food nutrition and the relationship of texture to sensory perception of food materials. It also discusses the exploitation of surfactant mesophases for nanoscale encapsulation, the interfacial rheological properties of mixed interfaces, the dynamics and microrheology of gels and emulsions, the stability of droplets and bubbles, the effects of thermal and mechanical processing on food colloid stability and the electrostatic interactions of proteins with polysaccharides. This authoritative book will serve as a guide and reference to researchers in the field of food colloids.

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The Editors Eric Dickinson has been a Professor of Food Colloids since 1992 and is the Author/coauthor of three books and over 400 research papers. he has previously been the Editor/coeditor of 11 previous books in field and is the Associate Editor of Food Hydrocolloids Martin Leser has been a Research Scientist and Project Leader at the NestlÚ Research Center since 1995. He is the author/coauthor of more than 60 research papers and book articles and the Coeditor of Section Food Colloids of Current Opinion in Colloids and Interface Science.