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Environmental Radiochemical Analysis III Editor: Peter Warwick

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This book contains 230 pages.

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30 Jul 2007
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About this book

Environmental Radiochemical Analysis III is an authoritative, up to date review of research contributions presented at the 10th International Symposium on Environmental Radiochemical Analysis. Representing the work of leading scientists across the globe this edition provides information on:
- new methods of radioanalyses
- waste steams during decommissioning
- radioactivity measurements in the environment
- hazard assessment in decommissioning
- improvements in measurement instrumentation
- application of software to measurements
- current IAEA activities for the ALMERA network
- pro ciency testing and research and development in the NDA. This exceptional work o ers an insight into topical areas of research and is a key point of reference for graduates and professionals alike who work across  elds involving analytical chemistry, environmental science and technology, and hazards and waste research and disposal.

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