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Fish and Fish Products: Supplement to The Composition of Foods Editors: B Holland, John M Brown, David Buss

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01 Jan 1993
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About this book

This supplement to McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods 5th Edition presents in-depth information on the nutrient content of fish, crustacea, molluscs, fish products and fish dishes available in the UK. All previously published data have been updated and revised, and Fish and Fish Products now provides composition values for 308 foods, over 200 of which have not been covered before. The new nutrient composition information includes extensive individual fatty acid data. The foods covered in Fish and Fish Products take account of increasingly popular varieties now eaten, such as fresh sardines, red mullet and monkfish; fish prepared by different cooking methods including grilling and steaming; fish eaten by ethnic communities; fish available from fish and chip shops; and the wide variety of fish products now available such as seafood cocktail and taramasalata. The data provided covers both raw and cooked fish, and the main tables cover 42 nutrients per food. Included are inorganics and trace elements, vitamins, total fatty acids and cholesterol. Supplementary tables cover individual fatty acids per 100 grams of food, individual sugars, vitamin E fractions, retinol fractions, taxonomic and alternative names. Fish and Fish Products is the authoritative reference source for nutritionists, dietitians and others interested in the nutritional composition of this food group. It is the only source of complete and up-to-date compositional data appropriate to the UK, much of which has never been published before. This supplement will also be of interest to those in other countries whose diet includes fish.