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Vegetable Dishes: Supplement to The Composition of Foods Authors: B Holland, Ailsa A Welch, David Buss

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Vegetable Dishes creates a new food group containing over 340 vegetable-based dishes and provides information on 53 nutrients per food. Vegetable Dishes is unique in being the only comprehensive source of compositional data on this food group available in the UK. Of the 347 foods covered only 10 have appeared before, in either The Composition of Foods 5th Edition or previous supplements. The extensive selection of foods covered include popular vegetable dishes, vegetarian and vegan foods such as pulse and nut-based dishes, manufactured ready meals and dishes consumed by ethnic populations in the UK. Recipes have been collected from a wide variety of sources for dishes as consumed in the home. Supplementary sections detail recipe ingredients and cooking methods, alternative dish names and an alphabetical index of ingredients.

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30 Jun 1992
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