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Alkali/coinage metals – organolithium, organocuprate chemistry

In Part 1 of this chapter, the alkali metal coordination compounds are reviewed, starting with mixed-metal ZnLi species, the interest in which has grown out of their synthetic importance as bases, and metallocene systems, including cyclopentadienyl derivatives. Cases of extreme interest notwithstanding, discussion is limited to compounds that contain at least one carbon-alkali metal interaction. Part 2 provides an overview of the latest developments in coinage metal organometallic chemistry. Aiming to reflect the balance between different areas of the most recent research, a review of copper-based metal-organic frameworks and coordination polymers is followed by compounds of more general interest. Similarly, for silver and gold, polymeric structures and coordination frameworks are described, along with carbene complexes and, for gold, phosphine complexes. As for Part 1, the emphasis is placed on systems that contain at least one carbon-metal interaction. The analytical discussion focuses on solid-state investigations and, where appropriate, applications are mentioned along with structural results.

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20 May 2010
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