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Chapter 1

C-glycosylation invented by Pr Lubineau's team: a key-reaction for innovation in cosmetics

The aim of this chapter is to provide a brief description of why and how the Research Group of L'Oréal, a leading company in cosmetics, has developed on an industrial scale the C-glycosylation reaction invented by Pr. Lubineau's team. This first example of industrial development in the world comes from the compliance of this technology with the principles of green chemistry and the access to original structures of high interest for skin anti-ageing. From various C-6 and C-5 saccharides, original C-glycosyl derivatives were synthesized for evaluating their potential role as activators of the biosynthesis of glycosylaminoglycans, polysaccharides that are essential to maintain the mechanical properties of skin. A β-C-xylosyl derivative combined the highest activity in vitro with confirmation in vivo. This eco-designed compound was developed using the calculation of green indicators and further marketed under the name of Pro-Xylane™.

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25 Mar 2014
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SPR - Carbohydrate Chemistry