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Chapter 8

NMR of proteins and nucleic acids

The dazzling wealth of data that Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can provide on biological systems leads to its application in many thousands of studies published annually. This review highlights a number of key papers which used the technique in the field of Structural Biology, appearing in peer-reviewed journals over the 12 month period up until May 2013. The first part of the chapter deals with papers which present methodological advances, in particular in sample production and new or improved algorithms for data analysis. Subsequently, a number of studies are summarised, selected for their particular biological interest or due to the challenging nature of the system under investigation. As far as possible within the constraints of space, the methods used are described. The review is thus intended to provide the reader with a snapshot of the “state of the art” of NMR in Structural Biology.

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09 Jun 2014
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