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Chapter 3

Applications of nuclear shielding

This chapter reports a selection of recent publications on the application of nuclear shielding, related NMR chemical shifts and NMR lineshapes, which have been published from 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2013. The reports include not only experimental NMR results but also calculated ones. The number of the papers in this field is rapidly increasing, covering practically all magnetically active nuclei. Therefore, a selection of related publications was made and generally it is restricted to journal original articles and reviews published in English. The survey of the papers starts from those devoted to the group 1 elements (1H, 2H, 3H, 6,7Li, 23Na, 39K, 85,87Rb, 133Cs) and continues along the periodic table up to the elements of group 18 (3He, 129,131Xe).

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09 Jun 2014
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