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Collaborative Development of a High School Green Chemistry Curriculum in Thailand

Green chemistry represents an ideal platform for the chemistry teaching laboratory, introducing students to fundamental laboratory techniques while engaging them with the latest developments in chemistry and our understanding of its relationship to human health and the environment. By combining the intrinsic safety of green chemistry with experimentation that draws from locally available resources, we can provide universal access to experimental chemistry, allowing students everywhere the opportunity to benefit from the powerful learning environment of the laboratory. Having developed and presented a set of internet-based workshops for Thai high school science teachers, we are now actively involved in the creation of a green curriculum in collaboration with teachers and administrators at Assumption College, Thonburi. In addition to presenting an overview of these curricular developments, this chapter addresses the ways in which various challenges have been converted into new opportunities, as well as other issues that should prove of general interest and utility to educators seeking to develop and implement similar curricular reforms.

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23 Jun 2015
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