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Chapter 5

Naphthalene-diimide (NDI) Nanofibre, Gel and Mesoscopic Material

This chapter collates several examples of self-assembled nanofibres, gels and other mesoscopic materials from a naphthalenediimide (NDI) chromophore driven by different weak interactions including π-stacking, H-bonding, charge-transfer (CT) interactions and solvophobic forces. Ease of synthesis, possibility of versatile imide substitution, efficient π-stacking and the ability to form an alternating stack with electron-rich donor chromophores by CT interactions make NDI an extremely versatile building block for exploring supramolecular chemistry. Furthermore, recent developments in the self-assembly of ring substituted NDIs with diverse photophysical and redox properties have been discussed. Aqueous self-assembly of suitably derivatized NDIs and their implications in the biological domain have also been included.

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15 Mar 2017
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