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Application of Food Waste Valorization Technology in Hong Kong

In recent years, there have been increased concerns about the disposal of food waste. The amount of food waste generated globally is staggering, with about 1.3 billion tonnes per year and the figures are rising. In Hong Kong, about 3000 tonnes of food waste have been generated every day over the past 10 years with a significant increasing trend. With the waste-to-landfill approach, huge amounts of food waste is being dumped to landfills, making food waste a significant component of municipal solid waste (MSW) and losing a potentially valuable food source or regenerated resource (e.g. energy recovery, composting and animal feed). In addition, many other environmental problems are associated with the disposal of food waste to landfill. In this chapter, attempts are made to review the current food waste disposal system in Hong Kong and some food waste valorization technologies, which have been practiced in other counties or regions, along with their advantages and limitations so as to improve the present food waste disposal system from a technological perspective. Our recommendations includes a comprehensive system to facilitate different approaches to recycle such important protein and carbon sources into valuable products from biofuels to animal feeds.

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04 Aug 2014
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