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Anserine as a Suppressor of Fatigue

Anserine is present in the skeletal muscle of migratory fish such as salmon and tuna and is considered to function as a pH regulator and an antioxidant to suppress fatigue. The author prepared salmon muscle extracts rich in anserine (SEAns) to evaluate their antifatigue effects. Single administration of SEAns to 10 healthy male subjects suppressed elevation of the serum cortisol level and creatine phosphokinase activity and improved exercise endurance. These results suggest that SEAns is effective for suppression of not only muscle injury but also lassitude, thus leading to improvement in exercise performance. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 20 male athletes belonging to a table tennis club were administrated SEAns for 8 weeks, and they subsequently showed improved exercise performance and kinetic vision. Moreover, oral administration of SEAns for 8 weeks to 39 subjects (14 men, 25 women) routinely using visual display terminals reduced asthenopia. These findings suggest that daily intake of imidazole dipeptides could be effective for recovery from fatigue and in improving the quality of life.

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13 Aug 2015
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