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Reduction-sensitive Nanosystems for Active Intracellular Drug Delivery

The past several years have witnessed explosive progress in reduction-sensitive nanosystems that are stable under physiological conditions, but rapidly destabilized under a reducing environment for “active” intra-cellular drug delivery. The uniqueness of the disulfide chemistry has enabled versatile design of smart nanosystems ranging from reduction-sensitive degradable micelles, polymersomes, nanogels and capsules to nanoparticles. This superior intra-cellular drug release approach has been shown to significantly enhance drug efficacy, overcome multi-drug resistance (MDR) and/or reduce drug- and carrier-associated side effects. In vivo studies have demonstrated that reduction-sensitive reversibly cross-linked nanosystems result in enhanced stability, longer circulation time, improved tumor-targetability and better therapeutic outcomes as compared to the non-cross-linked controls as well as to free drugs. It is anticipated that reduction-sensitive nanosystems will play a relevant role in the arena of targeted cancer therapy.

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17 Apr 2013
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