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Chapter 4

Atomically Precise Gold Catalysis

Atomically precise nanoclusters, with sizes ranging from about ten to a few hundred atoms, are a new class of nanocatalysts that have been gaining prominence in the past decade as seen by increasing number of publications including review articles. This is especially true in the case of atomically precise gold nanocatalysts. In this chapter, we review this field starting with an introduction followed by highlighting synthesis and catalytic applications of the atomically precise gold clusters, an overview of their electronic and magnetic structure, and opportunities for correlation of the electronic and magnetic structure of the clusters with their catalytic activity. Especially new insights into the magnetic properties of these atomically precise catalysts are presented paving the way toward potentially chemically turn-on and tune-in their magnetism and thereby providing an opportunity not only to tailor-make atomically precise nanomagnetic clusters but also to investigate magnetic structure dependent catalysis. In general, we believe that correlation of the atomic structure of these atomically precise nanoclusters with their catalytic properties will provide significant guidelines for the future design of catalysts, with atomic precision, for any specific chemical reaction.

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12 Nov 2014
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