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DNA-Templated Metal Nanoclusters and Their Applications

In recent years, much research interest has been directed to DNA-templated metal nanoclusters (NCs), which has resulted in remarkable progress in sub-nanometer sized metal clusters, such as Ag NCs and Au NCs. The well-known interactions of metal cations with DNA provide the possibility of fabricating various DNA-templated metal NCs. Furthermore, DNA can form secondary structures in a predictable and programmable manner, which makes DNA an excellent building block for preparation of defined-size NCs. Moreover, the biodiversity inherent in DNA via modification of sequence and composition should enable regulation, optimization as well as identification of metal NCs emitters with excellent physicochemical properties. In this chapter, recent advances in DNA-stabilized metal NCs (Ag and Au) are summarized, and the applications of fluorescent DNA–metal NCs including biological detection, logic gates and fluorescent imaging are highlighted. Finally, a brief outlook of DNA–metal NCs and current challenges are discussed.

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14 Aug 2014
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