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Modern Painted Palimpsests. Deciphering the Artworks of Osvaldo Licini

This contribution illustrates the significant results of a non-invasive analytical study on selected paintings by the modern Italian artist Osvaldo Licini. Measurements have been accomplished through the use of diverse photographic techniques, large size X-ray, infrared multispectral scanning reflectography combined with a further enhancement of information achieved through the integrated analyses with other portable techniques, namely X-ray fluorescence supported by mid- and near-infrared spectroscopy. The diverse stratifications present in all the paintings have been highlighted through the imaging methods and further investigated by the diverse spectroscopic techniques so as to characterize the constituent materials (pigments, binders, products and processes of degradation) and elucidate Licini's execution technique providing important criteria for dating his works and to make appropriate conservation choices.

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14 Aug 2014
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