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Colour in Medieval Portuguese Manuscripts: Between Beauty and Meaning

Medieval manuscript illuminations are a most precious and irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage. Through a focus on colour use, colour interpretation and colour materials, access to these artworks can be greatly enhanced, their social and material context revealed, and for such treasured cultural objects, this focus has the potential to rewrite a past in which a multicultural Europe and its leadership was born. Our team integrates contributions from art history, codicology, molecular and conservation sciences, and the results of this interdisciplinary research will impact on cultural history, art history, conservation of cultural heritage, and public access to an extraordinary resource. In this chapter, we will present the main results of the study of three of the most important Portuguese Romanesque manuscript collections, which were produced in the scriptoria of Lorvão, Santa Cruz and Alcobaça monasteries, during the end of the 12th and first quarter of the 13th centuries.

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14 Aug 2014
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