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From Chemical Biology to Its Technology and Engineering

In this chapter, the history of biotechnology from original fermentation to genetic engineering is introduced concisely. New expressions from chemical biology to chemically promoted biotechnology and bioengineering are introduced. The focus is on the applications of chemistry to biotechnology, which is directly simplified as “chemical biotechnology”. Some examples of chemically promoted biotechnologies are taken to illustrate this concept, such as: modulators in enzymatic reactions; small molecules and carbon materials in the regulation of non-canonical DNA structures; chemically promoted biomimetic cofactors in in vitro biosystems for the production of high-value chemicals and low-value biocommodities; some chemicals used in microbial electrochemical systems (MES) to improve the performance/efficiency of extracellular electron transfer between the bacteria and the electrode; elicitors in plant cell culture; and plant activators in crop protection.

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