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Aroma Character of Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.) Leaves: Limited Odor Unit Method and Sensory Perception in Preference

Coriander aroma from Coriandrum sativum L. leaves, having a strong oriental scent was characterized by using limited odor unit (Lod) and sensory perception in preference. Forty-two volatile compounds from the coriander extracts collected by modified solvent extracts were identified by GC/MS and retention indices. (E)-2-Tetradecenal was a major component (40.6% of the total oil). Odor thresholds for 42 compounds identified in this oil were determined by organoleptic manner using two out of five tests and then Lod values are calculated from the odor thresholds and individual concentrations. Finally, as sensory test of different concentrations of coriander oils indicated that the most preferable concentration of coriander leave oil for human perception was between 1000 ppm and 60 ppm, Lod analyses at 1000 ppm and 60 ppm should, therefore, reveal important chemicals that contribute to the critical judgment of assessors in preference.

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13 Mar 2013
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