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Validation and Application of QuEChERS to Flavor and Fragrance R&D

In the flavor industry many R&D analysis requests are for the quantification of flavor components in a sample. This is generally accomplished by liquid-liquid extraction, typically using solvents such as methylene chloride or toluene. The extraction of these samples is time consuming, as it generally takes over an hour. Complex matrices impose an even greater challenge due to their varying water solubility properties and matrix interferences. The extraction of flavor compounds from these matrices often requires multi-step extractions, which increases the chance of flavor loss, particularly of the highly-volatile compounds. The official AOAC QuEChERS method has been modified to address these obstacles; this paper highlights the method development and results of the study. The modified QuEChERS method has drastically decreased the extraction time, thus increasing sample throughput capacity. This benefit is highly valued in today's R&D laboratory enviroment.

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13 Mar 2013
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