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Instrumental Platforms for NMR-based Metabolomics

Advances and improvements in the hardware and automation of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technologies have enabled recent progression in strategies and technologies to aid comprehensive structural identification and new perspectives in the chemical sciences. Particularly, these developments have enabled the growing area of metabolomics by NMR. At the centre of the evolution of NMR hardware is the relative size reduction in NMR probes and NMR magnets, and computational support advances. Furthermore, automation advances and technical precision have allowed for epidemiological and clinical population analysis to become a reality by NMR. Metabolic laboratories inherent improvement in spectral deconvolution in areas of chemical and biological sciences also allow for better structural elucidation on a molecular level in a complex environment. This chapter details the modern state-of-the-art hardware and equipment that are currently used in NMR spectrometry and how they are exploited in the area of small-molecule profiling of complex fluid analysis.

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17 Jan 2018
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New Developments in NMR