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Chapter 1

Nanoelectrochemistry at the liquid/liquid interfaces

Heterogeneous charge-transfer (CT) reactions and electrocatalytic processes occurring at the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES), are central to many biological and technological systems. A prominent current trend is to study such processes at nanometer-sized interfaces. The ITIES supported at the tip of a nanopipet can also be used as a tip in the scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM) to carry out kinetic experiments and high-resolution imaging. This review is focused on new challenges and opportunities stemming from the use of nanoelectrochemical approaches. The surveyed applications include mechanistic studies of CT reactions and nanoparticle electrocatalysis, electrochemical imaging and sensing.

Print publication date: 05 Dec 2013
Copyright year: 2014
Print ISBN: 978-1-84973-581-0
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84973-733-3
From the book series:
SPR - Electrochemistry