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European Legislative Framework Controlling the Use of Food Additives

In December 2008, the EU adopted a new approach to the regulatory framework of food additives, enzymes and flavourings, known as the Food Improvement Agents Package (FIAP). The FIAP comprises of four Regulations numbered 1331/2008 to 1334/2008, which covers the authorisation procedure for food additives, enzymes and flavourings (1331/2008), and individual Regulations on food additives (1333/2008), enzymes (1332/2008), and flavourings (1334/2008). This chapter provides guidance on the changes introduced by Regulations 1331/2008 and 1333/2008 as they apply to food additives, and the implications for manufacturers of food products and food additives. It considers food additives and processing aids, the carry-over principle and the labelling of food additives in food products.

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21 Feb 2013
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