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Influence of Receptor Media on GD Skin Penetration In Vitro

When designing in vitro static diffusion studies the choice of receptor media is important as it may influence measured penetration rates. OECD guidelines regarding suitable receptor fluids state that “The use of a physiologically conducive receptor fluid is preferred although others may also be used provided that they are justified”. Further to this is the statement, “Adequate solubility of the test chemical in the receptor fluid should be demonstrated so that it does not act as a barrier to absorption.” Guidance for acceptable receptor fluids for non-viable skin preparations is split between the evaluation of water soluble compounds and lipohilic test substances. For the former saline receptor solutions are preferred, whilst for lipophilic test substances it is suggested that “the receptor fluid can contain organic solvents such as 1:1 ethanol: water or 6% polyethylene glycol 20 oleyl ether in water.”

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06 Dec 2013
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