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Chapter 8

The State of the Art and Future Directions of Category Formation and Read-Across for Toxicity Prediction

This chapter describes the current status, future directions and needs of category formation and read­across to predict toxicity. It is acknowledged that there are several high quality tools and databases for read­across and category formation. Key amongst these tools is the OECD QSAR Toolbox which will require further updates and maintenance in the future. The free availability of toxicity data and information is growing and is essential to support read­across. The future will bring opportunities to use new sources of information, such as from molecular biology. These will undoubtedly inform the new generation of profilers that will be required to assist in grouping for human health endpoints such as repeated dose and reproductive toxicology – areas where profilers are currently lacking. These new profilers will also be linked to Adverse Outcome Pathways, the development of which must be co­ordinated at a global level. Lastly, whilst there has been considerable growth, there is still a need for education and training of scientists to undertake read­across and the preparation of evidence and documentation for regulatory use.

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