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A Look at the Future

The development of detection methods for neuroscience requires expertise from a wide variety of communities ranging from biology to quantum physics. The essence of this chapter is a little ‘crystal ball gazing’ into the future where contributions from disparate fields are expected to escalate. The dimensions of many devices under development are approaching the size of biological entities such as cells. This will lead to advances in nanoneuroscience such as better understanding of localized events in the brain and central nervous system, including the tracking of biomarkers associated with disease conditions, and enhancement of research capabilities on drugs with potential to treat neural diseases. Such advances take us into the world of neuropharmacology and into relatively new fields such as neuropharamacogenetics. Recent years have seen an explosion of research on stem cells, with exciting possibilities for regenerative medicine. Neurons in cancer tissue and healthy cells are known to behave differently at surfaces and detection technology may help to ascertain the nature of the complex interfacial interactions. Sensing technology is also expected to contribute to the understanding and treatment of cognitive diseases.

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