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Alkali/coinage metals – organolithium, organocuprate chemistry

Part 1 of this chapter reviews coordination compounds of the alkali metals that contain a carbon-metal bond, looking firstly at organolithiums involving simple silanes. The use of aryl, alkynyl and N-donor ligands is also discussed. Compounds of the coinage metals - copper, silver and gold - are discussed in Part 2 of the review. Discussion is broken down by metal, with copper being considered first. Compounds containing, among others, alkene, amido and phosphido ligands are discussed, along with the significant amount of work on carbene complexes. This interest in carbene complexes is also noted within the silver and gold sections that follow, with a large number of new compounds being described. Polymeric chains and networks containing silver centres have attracted considerable interest and are described, along with the luminescent properties of a selection of novel gold species. This part of the review is completed by coverage of mixed-coinage metal structures, where the systems are found to display luminescent properties. Here again, the compounds discussed contain at least one carbon-metal bond.

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06 Nov 2012
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SPR - Organometallic Chemistry