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Integrated Forest Biorefineries: Industrial Sustainability

In the past, industrial activities and economic growth have often been associated with overexploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation. Over the last few decades, however, public pressure coupled with increasing awareness within industry on the impacts of their activities has resulted in a shift towards better environmental stewardship. Industrial sustainability offer great opportunities to improve the triple bottom line of the integrated forest biorefinery that, however, need to be explored. The work reported here analyzes the critical issues associated with industrial sustainability of integrated forest biorefinery. It showcases industrial sustainability concepts that are already in place in integrated forest biorefinery, which requires fine tuning in order to derive the maximum benefits. The chapter highlights the opportunities and barriers in integrated forest biorefinery to achieving the goals of industrial manufacturing, economic growth and environmental benefits in a socially responsible manner.  Policy interventions for reforms toward improved industrial sustainability practices in integrated forest biorefinery are provided.

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29 Nov 2012
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Green Chemistry Series