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Chapter 2

Resolution of Racemic and Diastereomeric Mixtures

This chapter describes the methods of preparation of P-stereogenic compounds based on resolution of racemic and diastereomeric mixtures. The first part of deals with separation of racemates by classical resolution methods. Chemical and chromatographic resolutions are described as well as dynamic resolution of secondary phosphine-boranes. The second part describes the preparative methods based on menthol. In this section, resolution of menthylphosphinates, menthylphosphinite-boranes and other related compounds is explained in detail. The preparation of optically pure ligands incorporating several chiral scaffolds is then developed. This part contains the P-stereogenic ligands made from chiral alcohols, ferrocenes, biaryls and other backbones. The chapter ends with a discussion of the ligands made using cyclometallated palladium complexes as templates.

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20 Dec 2010
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Catalysis Series