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Chapter 9

Nutrition and Immunity

We know for more than 2'000 years that health and nutrition are intimately linked: Hippocrates recommended ca. 400 BC to “leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food”. While modern nutrition focuses rather on prevention than cure (the latter being the classical pharmaceutical domain of care), Hippocrates' concept still holds very much true and it particularly applies to the interplay of nutrition and immunity1.

This chapter addresses the manifold interactions between nutritional status and immune health and how mass spectrometry and proteomics can elucidate this interplay, for example through revelation of immune biomarkers. Immunological conditions like inflammation and allergy are discussed and the particular susceptibility of the immune system to environmental, such as nutritional, influences early in life is reflected. Special sections are dedicated to human gut ecology its immunological impact as well as to the immune bioactives and health effects of human milk.

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01 Jul 2010
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RSC Food Analysis Monographs