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Chapter 10

Solar Cell/Diesel Engine Compound System with Production-of-Electricity Prediction

A microgrid with the sustainable energy is expected to be a distributed energy system that exhibits quite a small environmental impact. In the past study, the production-of-electricity prediction algorithm (PAS) of the solar cell was developed. In PAS, a layered neural network is made to learn based on past weather data and the operation plan of the compound system of a solar cell and other energy systems was examined using this prediction algorithm. In this Chapter, a dynamic operational scheduling algorithm is developed using a neural network and a genetic algorithm (GA) to provide predictions for solar cell power output. We also do a case study analysis in which we use this algorithm to plan the operation of a system that connects nine houses in Sapporo in Japan to a microgrid composed of power equipment and a polycrystalline silicon solar cell. In this work, the relationship between the accuracy of output prediction of the solar cell and the operation plan of the microgrid was clarified.

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24 Aug 2010
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RSC Energy Series