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Chapter 9

PEFC/Green Energy Compound System (3)– Fuel Cell Microgrid with Wind-Power Generation

An independent micro-grid that connects with wind power has the potential to reduce energy costs, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas discharge. However, the frequency and voltage of a micro-grid may not be stable over a long time due to the input of unstable renewable energy, and changes in short-period power load that are difficult to predict. Thus, when planning the installation of a micro-grid, it is necessary to investigate the dynamic characteristics of the power. About the micro-grid composed from ten houses, a 2.5kW PEFC is installed in one building, and this fuel cell operated corresponding to a base load is assumed. The dynamic characteristics of this micro-grid were investigated in numerical analysis, and the cost of fuel consumption and efficiency was also calculated. Moreover, the stabilization time of the micro-grid and its dynamic characteristics accompanied by wind-power-generation and fluctuation of the power load were clarified.

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24 Aug 2010
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RSC Energy Series