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Chapter 5

Heating Sources for Beryllium Sample Preparation: Applications in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

There are several forms of beryllium that may be encountered in sampling including beryllium metal, beryllium oxide, and beryllium fluoride, as well as complex beryllium aluminates and silicates in ores. The dissolution of refractory materials often requires aggressive reagents. In order to enhance the kinetics of the dissolution process further, some type of heating is employed in most methods. Heating can accomplished using a hotplate, a furnace, microwave energy, or sonication. Heating can also be performed in an open vented vessel as in the case of fuming acid, or a pressurized container as in the case of pressurized microwave digestions. In this chapter, we discuss the different heating techniques that have been employed for soils and industrial hygiene samples.

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