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Chapter 4

Sample Dissolution Reagents for Beryllium: Applications in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

A variety of sample preparation methods and reagents for beryllium have been used for the dissolution of this element prior to its analytical determination. This chapter provides an overview of methods for beryllium dissolution by digestion and extraction techniques for a number of sample media, with emphasis on reagents used to prepare samples of interest in the environmental and occupational hygiene fields. Methods normally target the dissolution of the total amount of beryllium originally present in the collected sample. Sample matrices of interest include aerosols, surface samples, ores, soils, beryllium metal, beryllium oxide (including high-fired BeO), and beryllium alloys. Samples of concern for occupational health monitoring include primarily those collected from workplace air and from surfaces. Attributes of the various reagents and techniques are discussed.

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07 Aug 2009
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