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Chapter 4

Phenomena Involving Absorption of Light and Energy Transfer

The chemistry of the main classes of organic, organometallic and inorganic near IR absorbers is covered in detail and heir applications in thermal energy conversion and the protection from IR radiation outlined. The important area of optical data storage using magneto optic, phase change media and especially those technologies using dyes is described and the developments in ODS reviewed. There then follows a section on the use of dyes and pigments as charge generation and charge transport materials in organic photoconductors for copiers and laser printers. Dyes as sensitisers in photochemical synthesis, the initiation of polymerisation, colour photography and in medicine and chemical biology form the next sections. In the photomedicine/chemical biology area the major topics discussed are photodynamic therapy, photothermal therapy, the inactivation of microbes and photoinsecticides. The immensely important areas of solar energy conversion and artificial photosynthesis are reviewed together with how they can be used to produce useful chemicals. Finally the developing area of the conversion of light into kinetic energy is described.

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