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Chapter 2

Phenomena Involving the Absorption and Reflectance of Light

The classical areas of dyes and pigments are the subjects of this chapter. After a brief introduction to colour physics the main structural classes of organic dyes are described, followed by details of their applications in the dyeing and printing of textiles, paper and leather, and their uses in the coloration of hair, food and beverages as well as biological stains. The chemistry of pigments is dealt with in four sections: organic, inorganic, special effect and the developing area of nanoscale pigments, and their applications in printing inks, paints and coatings and construction materials. After solvent dyes and their applications the stabilisation of dyes via molecular encapsulation is considered. Questions around the growing interest in natural colorants are considered, whilst photographic chemicals get less space as their importance diminishes. The three main technologies in digital printing, inkjet printing, electrophotography and thermal printing are described in detail as well as the electrophoretic methodology used in the new outlet of electronic paper.

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