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Chapter 11

PAN–Silica–Clay Nanocomposites by Emulsion Polymerization

Polymer nanocomposites have great advantages for important applications due to their impressive enhancements of material properties. The most studied nanocomposites contain only one type of nanofiller, very few studies on the nanocomposites with two types of nanofillers were performed. The generation of synergistic effect of the two nanofillers with different shapes was found to exhibit profound enhancement effect on the property of the polymer matrix. For the preparation method of the nanocomposites, in situ emulsion polymerization is an effective way to prepare exfoliated clay nanocomposites. In this review, we discuss the structure and property of PAN/clay/silica ternary component nanocomposites prepared by in situ emulsion polymerization in water. Clay, without surface modification, was successfully exfoliated in PAN matrix. The thermal and mechanical properties of PAN/clay/SiO2 ternary nanocomposites are significantly enhanced relative to the PAN/clay and PAN/SiO2 binary systems.

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30 Sep 2010
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