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Chapter 9

Polymer–Magnesium Hydroxide Nanocomposites by Emulsion Polymerization

With ever increasing awareness of environmental sustainability and tighter legislation, in-situ emulsion polymerization process has been widely adopted to prepare halogen-free flame retardant polymer/MH (magnesium hydroxide) nanocomposites with homogenous dispersion. Such composites possess excellent thermal stability, low flammability, good rheological properties and superb mechanical properties. They can be beneficially used as flame retardant adhesives and coatings, elastomers and plastics.

We believe in-situ emulsion polymerization is an efficient method to modify the surface of nano-MHs. We can adjust the thickness of the polymer shell covered on the nano-MH surface by controlling the ratio of monomer to nano-MHs; we can easily adjust the solubility parameter of polymers or copolymers covered on the nano-MHs, and disperse the modified nano-MHs in any polymer matrix uniformly, and hence enhance the interfacial interaction between nano-MHs and polymer. Hence, we have the tools to fabricate high-performance polymer/MH nanocomposites. Finally, to overcome the formation of homopolymer during in-situ monomer/nano-MH emulsion polymerization or copolymerization, surface-initiated in-situ emulsion polymerization seems to be a promising method not yet explored to-date.

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