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Chapter 7

Polymer Nanocomposites Prepared by Suspension Polymerization of Inverse Emulsion

Compared to emulsion polymerization and suspension polymerization, the manufacturing process of suspension polymerization of inverse emulsion is more complicated. The advantage of using this technology is to make capsular structure which has a polymer shell and liquid inner phase. The polymer shell can provide protection by preventing the inner phase from leaking out. When nanoparticles were added into the polymer shell, they can inhibit the mass transfer and reinforce the polymer matrix to make the nanocomposites stronger or thermally stable. More importantly, the presence of nanoparticle can partially replace or completely eliminate the use of emulsifiers in the nanocomposite bead synthesis process. One application as mentioned before is to make PS nanocomposite particles containing water as a physical blowing agent for PS foam. Other applications include drug delivery and functional particle preparation.

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