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Chapter 19

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Functionalized MNPs

Today we are witnessing a huge revolution, defined as the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Researchers from all over the world are studying the functioning of human intelligence, in order to apply it to machines, computers, and applications; digitization is changing the global industry. Machines are becoming a fundamental aid to humans, with collaborations leading to an increase in overall efficiency. The use of smart appliances will generate improvement in all areas. Nanotechnologies, in synergy with other enabling technologies, are considered fundamental to support innovation and development processes and to promote the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the near future, allowing the creation of improved or completely innovative products and processes with high added value. Thanks to nanotechnologies, new materials have been developed with surprising functions, full protagonists of the fourth industrial revolution. These smart materials are characterized by the ability to perform new and more complex functions, even simultaneously. Wearable technologies are designed starting from the concept of Ambient Intelligence, i.e., the scenario of interaction between humans and computational systems. Fully integrated into Industry 4.0 and combined with wireless technologies (Wireless Sensing), wearable technologies are excellent tools for collecting and using huge amounts of data. They are destined to provide an important support for the management of maintenance, training, control and supervision in complex systems. Nanoparticles allow us to obtain materials with new chemical, physical and mechanical properties and to create surface treatments able to provide a conventional material with characteristics that would otherwise not be obtainable. They are also very important in nanomedicine.

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