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Chapter 11

Functionalized MNPs in Detection Stage of Analysis/Miniaturization Devices

Nanoscience is one of the most important research and development frontiers in modern science. The use of nanoparticle (NP) materials offers many advantages due to their unique size and physical properties. Of these, magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are of great interest for researchers from a wide range of disciplines. While a number of suitable methods have been developed for the synthesis of MNPs, the application of such MNPs in catalysis, biotechnology, and sensing in chemical analysis, is highly dependent on molecular level functionalization of MNPs with other nanoparticles or various ligand molecules. Prepared MNP-based nanomaterials can be used for fabrication of miniaturized sensing devices. However, surface functionalization of MNPs by appropriate functional groups is essential for application of MNPs in the aforementioned areas. In this chapter, current methodologies for functionalization of MNPs for this goal are presented and recent publications in this field are summarized and discussed.

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