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Chapter 1

Analytical Applications of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles (Introduction)

Efficient, selective, and sensitive determination of target analytes in analytical samples is essential in laboratory control. Recently, extraction and preconcentration of various target analytes are frequently conducted with a magnetic material before instrument analysis from complex media. Since trace levels of analytes require a potential material to trap them from huge interference of complex matrixes of foods, biological media, and environmental samples. In this regard, scientists have gained specific strategies to improve the efficiency, chemical stability, and selectivity of the magnetic material with different types of functionalized substances including carbon-based material, sol–gel, polymers synthetic or natural, green solvents of ionic liquids or deep eutectic solvent and metal oxides nanoparticles. A combination of magnetic nanoparticles and efficient substances is allowed to form a magnetic platform for easy handling with an external magnetic field without further centrifugation or filtration. The sample preparation technique based on magnetic materials is known as magnetic solid-phase extraction (MSPE). In this chapter, functionalized magnetic materials as potential adsorbents will be discussed as the MSPE sample preparation method comprehensively in food, biological samples, and water samples.

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