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Chapter 8

Bringing It Together: The Model and Chemistry Teaching and Learning

We are now in a position to bring the evidence together using the triangle model as a unifying principle. The goal is to allow the model to provide a framework to guide all chemistry teaching and learning. The central argument for the model is that potential working memory overload is the central problem that undermines understanding. The model stresses that we should not try to work at all three levels at the same time with novice learners. We start with the macro and once ideas are secure, we can bring in the representational and then bring in the sub-micro interpretation. However, the representational and the sub-micro can interrelate considerably in that the former can attempt to represent the latter. The model is applied the chemistry education overall and then specifically to teaching. The chapter ends with a set of ten principles that can act as practical guidelines in applying the meaning of the triangle model in all areas of teaching and learning.

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