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Chapter 7

Nanoliposomes as a Model for Teaching Nanochemistry

The lack of relevance in science teaching could be considered one of the greatest barriers for students’ low interest and lack of motivation for pursuing the science subjects in their education. Relevance in science teaching accompanied by identifying various basic terms related to materials, properties, and applications, could be described as the “bridge” that connects learners from different cultures. This chapter presents a teaching module that describes the process of teaching about the terms hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials, surfactants, their relationship to the structure of cell membrane, and how to develop nanoliposome structures as an imitation of the cell membrane structure. The teaching module combines laboratory activities and experiments at different levels that are suitable for secondary school students as well us undergraduates, through which microscale liposomes are prepared and converted to nanoscale ones and how they are used as “vehicles” to deliver drugs in human body.

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