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Chapter 4

Incorporating Nanochemistry in the Chemistry Curriculum

This chapter describes how teachers can incorporate nanotechnology into their chemistry classes. While there are many examples to choose from, here preference is given to cases in which student data are reported and show significant learning gains. This chapter begins with a description of the challenges that middle and high school faculty face when trying to add nanotechnology to their courses, including an already overloaded curriculum, lack of resources, and the need to update teachers’ content knowledge. Solutions to these issues are presented with significant discussion of insertion points for nanotechnology. It then presents implementation frameworks that demonstrate success based on research studies. These include multimedia and extra-curricular programs. The final section addresses the two general approaches for adding nanotechnology to a course: insertion of a single, multi-lesson nanotechnology module and the inclusion of individual nanotechnology topics throughout the curriculum. Advantages and disadvantages of both approaches are discussed.

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