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Chapter 1

2D High-κ Dielectric Ceramic Nanoplatelets for Polymer Nanocomposite Capacitors

Polymer-based capacitors have found a wide range of applications, including pulse power weapons, power transmission, transformation engineering, and 5G communication due to their high power density, fast charge and discharge speed, and long cycle life. Polymer-based composites with two-dimensional (2D) fillers often exhibit high breakdown strength, low dielectric loss, and high energy density. This chapter provides an overview of the latest developments with regard to the synthesis method of 2D nanoplatelets, the classification of polymer/2D nanoplatelet composites, and the role of the intrinsic properties of anisotropic nanoplatelets for composite design. The design strategies of 2D nanocomposites for dielectric and high energy storage properties are discussed in detail. Finite element simulation and phase-field simulation are used to determine the polarisation and electric filed distribution in the composites, and provide guidance for material design. The incorporation of 2D nanoplatelets into polymers is demonstrated as an effective route to achieve high energy density capacitors. Finally, the outlook and future perspectives for high-κ ceramic/polymer composites are presented.

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28 Jun 2021
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