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Applied organometallics: Cp*Co(iii)-catalysed C–H functionalisation as a maturing tool for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

Heterocycle compounds are prevalent throughout the natural world and therefore it is unsurprising that they have become a key component in many pharmaceutically relevant molecules. Unfortunately, synthetic methods for their preparation are often complicated and exhibit poor sustainability. In order to develop more efficient and sustainable routes to the synthesis of these useful and valuable heterocyclic compounds chemists have started to develop new innovative approaches. One approach which has provided a number of successes in recent times are synthetic procedures operating through a key direct C–H bond functionalisation step. This chapter highlights the state-of-the-art for preparing a diverse range of heterocyclic compounds using a cobalt-catalysed C–H bond functionalisation approach, specifically applying Cp*Co(iii)-type catalysts.

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09 Nov 2020
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