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Transition metal complexes of borane and borohydride ligand architectures containing a single tethering supporting unit

This chapter provides a highlight on some of the recent advances and structural features of neutral borane and anionic borohydride units which contain a single tethered supporting unit. The supporting units covered include one-, two- and three-atom bridges. It focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of complexes formed, looking in detail into the spectroscopic features of the interactions between the boron-based species and the metal centre. It will also look at the structural features of the bonding by referring to X-ray crystallography data available. The review explores the range of possible interactions and potential reactivity at the boron centres. It also explores some early examples with a greater focus on three-atom supporting units and analyses the potential for delivery of hydrogen from boron to the metal centre to generate metal boron bonds.

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09 Nov 2020
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SPR - Organometallic Chemistry