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Chapter 8

Coordination Chemistry of Cucurbiturils

Cucurbit[n]urils are a family of molecular container hosts bearing a rigid hydrophobic cavity and two identical carbonyl-fringed portals. They have attracted much attention in supramolecular chemistry because of their superior molecular recognition properties in aqueous media. Especially, the interaction of CB[n] with various metal ions established CB[n]-based coordination chemistry as an increasingly important area in CB[n] chemistry. This chapter highlights the advances and challenges in the field of cucurbit[n]uril-based coordination chemistry. This chapter mainly elaborates on the following aspects: (1) simple coordination complexes of cucurbit[n]urils with metal ions; (2) poly-dimensional coordination polymers of cucurbit[n]urils with metal ions; (3) potential applications of CB[n]-based coordination complexes and polymers.

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